We nurture, develop and promote artists and bands. Every musical act is unique and needs to be treated as such. 


While artists are up on stage doing what they do best, they shouldn't need to worry about the every day details that comes with touring...

or recording, or writing new stuff.

We are taking care of business,

so that our clients get to be artists.

Contact us for booking inquiries regarding our artists!


We work hard to make sure our clients gets seen and heard.


To appear on TV and radio, as well as in magazines and digital platsforms is crucial when building a fanbase. 

We sometimes accept external clients for promotion services. Contact us for further info!

Live bookings

A major part of an artists, or a bands time in the public eye is spent on stage.


We book our clients tours and shows through our in-house booking service. We also do collaborations with production companies and other booking agencies.